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I am a Pilates teacher, keen runner and mum of two young boys. I have tried most of the fitness trends over the last 15 years and practiced yoga regularly to complement my running.

With age and two young boys later, I started experiencing more injuries from high impact exercise and realised that flexibility without strength doesn't quite work. I have rediscovered Pilates and never looked back. It proved the perfect type of exercise, combining full-body strengthening and conditioning with improving mobility and range of movement. Better still, it has really challenged me mentally in a way no other type of exercise had done in the past.

I took a break from my corporate career and trained with BASI Pilates UK.  Being a teacher means never stopping learning. I went on to complete equipment training, and many CPD courses including prenatal and postnatal Pilates, Pilates for triathletes, golfers etc. I continue to update my knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics to ensure I can help my clients rehab injuries and manage pain so they can continue to do the things they most enjoy in life.

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woman doing plank on reformer


I am on a mission to make people feel great in their bodies and injury free for as long as possible. Regular resistance and mobility training is essential for expanding healthspan and delaying the process of aging.

Getting older is a fact of life, but we can do a lot to ensure our bodies are in the best possible shape well into our golden years. We know we are meant to move, and a lot of people do, but sooner or later they start experiencing pain and injuries, which stops them from doing the things they love.

Often the simple reason for this is lack of strength. Our tissues are not resilient enough to sustain the load we are putting them through. We need strength, so we can hike for hours without pain in our knees, so we can keep up with our children and grandchildren, and so we can enjoy playing our favourite sport for as long as possible.

From the age of thirty, we lose 3-5% of muscle mass each decade, and should make resistance training a habit, so when we are in our 60,70,80s we stay strong and mobile which reduces the risks of falls and allows for independent living.

I want my clients to feel confident and in control of their bodies so they are empowered to do the things they love for as long as possible. Whether it’s running marathons into their 80’, enjoying a game of golf with friends or keeping up with grandchildren.

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