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Knee Rehab

Fed up with with pain sabotaging your fitness goals?

5 Reasons Why Your Pain Doesn't Go Away

Monika teaching pilates to client


Welcome to Spring Back Pilates, a boutique reformer studio, where we help you build a resilient body that supports the active healthy lifestyle you desire.

We offer small group classes and more tailored private sessions expertly  blending contemporary Pilates with principles of resistance training and a sprinkle of cardio conditioning to offer a perfect workout that ticks all the boxes for exercise guidelines.

Whether you're after cross training option to support your athletic performance, or a gentle approach to healing pain, injuries and coming back to exercise after a break, our reformer studio has got you covered.


Experience the benefits of reformer training tailored to your specific goals and current level of fitness.  Start your journey to feeling stronger and more flexible, so you can move through life freely and continue to do the things you love most.

Whether you are an athlete recovering from injury, busy mum coming back to fitness, or fed up with chronic back pain, it is never too late to build a body that serves you well.

reformer studio
Monika Alexander


My Pilates journey began due to repetitive running injuries, highlighting the significance of strength training for overall health and injury prevention. In Pilates I have discovered a  comprehensive workout, enhancing full-body strength, conditioning, and flexibility. 

Ageing is inevitable, but we hold the power to keep our bodies healthy well into our golden years. From age thirty onward, muscle mass decreases by 3-5% per decade. By embracing resistance training now, we ensure strength and mobility in our 60s, 70s, and 80s. This guards against falls and maintains independent living.


In our journey through life,  many will face pain and injuries that hinder their passions.

Often, these lead to a loss of strength and mobility. Our bodies then lack the resilience to handle the demands we place upon them. 

My mission is clear: to help people embrace vitality and remain free from injuries as they age.  Whether it's running marathons at 80, enjoying golf with friends, or keeping pace with grandchildren, consistent resistance and mobility training will empower you to cherish these activities. They are keys to expanding your healthspan and gracefully navigating the ageing process.


I had been wanting to do Pilates for ages but tried a class at a gym and was put off by not really knowing what to do. I found out about Monika and when we chatted she was so approachable and eager to help me get to love Pilates that I jumped in. A few 1 - 1 sessions allowed me to understand Pilates and I could very quickly see how, with Monika listening to my concerns, I could work on problem areas but also protect previously injured areas. I feel stronger, am very conscious about posture and am now more active than I was before enjoying Monika's classes with a friend. If you're unsure about Pilates or just need some reassurance, then Monika must be your first port of call!
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